Our Classes


Transform your mind, body and soul and connect through mindful movement.  Lengthen out the entire body through the resistance of the reformer. 

Feel connected and release tension.


A movement class for the body, mind and soul. Reconnect to your breath and dive deeper into your physical self. 

Float away feeling lifted.


Our Yoga classes are suitable for absolutely everyone. Comfortably challenge your individual requirements through a creative and playful yoga flow, in a relaxed and enjoyable environment. 

Feel replenished and energised.


A fun, energetic fusion of Barre, Pilates and resistance style exercises. A physical journey through vigorous movement, choreographed sequences, and strength work.

Connect to the magic of movement.


Private Class  1:1  2:1

Perfect for those looking for a more personalised approach where all the focus is on you. 

Enjoy any of our classes for 45 minutes, bring a friend if you wish !